Capital Advisory

Transaction Management Services

Corporate Leasing

We provide a variety of project planning and expert strategic marketing services to property developers through our Transaction Management Services. Clients are able to focus on their core business while we provide them highly professional services in terms of real estate transactions.

We ensure customized Transaction Management services to meet our client's objectives by partnering their marketing and real estate department. Next comes understanding their goals and expectations from a real estate investment and then our team of investment experts get down to meeting those goals within the time limit set by the client. Our constant presence and work in real estate transactions enable us to help the clients make the right decision at the right time.

Transaction Management is extremely crucial as it ensures better property valuations, levels of occupancy and competitive advantages. We provide holistic and novel solutions, which extend right from project conception and viability analysis to the final sale and leasing of the site and beyond.

We provide a highly comprehensive approach to Transaction Management that focuses on the goals of the business, reduces operational costs and concentrates on improving shareholder value.